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Avatar API

Avatar Api is a free service to generate SVG avatar on the fly. Written in elixir and run on Erlang VM. The code for the library and this website is Open Source. You can embed directly to src inside <img>. No authentication or api key required.

Use <img src="https://avatar-api.org/avatar.svg?name=Amanda Vonnz" /> to generate

Generate Initials and Hash Color

Pass ?name=Your Name to URL get initial of the name. If the name is more than 2 words it will take initial of the first and the last. It will also generate micro hash from the name so you got different consistent color depends on the given name.

https://avatar-api.org/avatar.svg?name=Damian Marley will generate
Other example

Resize on the fly

Pass &size= to URL to specify the size of avatar.

https://avatar-api.org/avatar.svg?name=Virkill&size=110 will generate
Other example

We have different style

Pass &set=set7 to generate different set of avatar.

https://avatar-api.org/avatar.svg?name=Dian Sastro Wardoyo&set=set7 will generate
Other example

Custom color as you wish

Pass &color=tomato to specify any color. It accept CSS color code such as midnightblue or hex code such as #f576ac or to get a surprise you can also put random.

https://avatar-api.org/avatar.svg?name=Sundari Sukotjo&set=set7 will generate
Other example

There are no rate limit for your request. But since currently it runs on the smallest droplet at digitalocean, please be considerate.